Every All Sun Technics pergola can be fitted with a heating element that will ensure that you stay warm even in the coldest evenings. We at All Sun Technics use radiant patio heaters. Important advantages of them are, even heat distribution, no noise or light pollution, long lifetime and they are maintenance free. The heating element can both ceiling and wall mounted. The heating is available in 2400 or 3200 Watts with remote control as well as with integrated speaker via Bluetooth. The heater is adjustable in four settings, namely 25%, 50% 75% and 100% via the remote control. It is also equipped with a time mechanism that is adjustable in 2,4,6 and 8 hours.


Every All Sun Technics pergola can be fitted with Led lighting that will illuminate your outdoor space. The lighting is incorporated by Led spots mounted in the carriers. Each Led spot consumes 3W and is comparable to a 30W halogen lamp. This Led spot has a beam angle of 55 degrees, this ensures a very spread light. This allows you to one Led spot illuminate a large area.


All the Led spots can be dimmed and controlled with the remote control. 

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