Top of the range terrace covering with a flat roof impression



A pioneer in its class, the model BARDOLINO is built to give the impression of a flat roof. You can choose a free-standing model, add the carport to the facade or even extend it above the front door. BARDOLINO can be closed with glass sliding doors during cooler months and screens during the summertime. With a Flat Roof patent, the height of board extends 320mm allowing to maintain a sleek, minimalist appearance. The water is conveyed through an integrated drain pipe placed in the post. 

BARDOLINO is fitted with 16mm thick poly carbonate plates that can be opaque or transparent. Additionally, it can be fitted with led lighting or closed with side walls for wind protection. Model BARDOLINO can be made to any size and can be powder coated in more than 50 colors. 

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Aluminium terrasoverkapping, Vrijstaande terrasoverkapping, terrasoverkapping op maat, Terrasoverkapping kopen, Veranda kopen


* maximum depth = mm 8000

* maximum projection= mm 4000 


Projects with BARDOLINO freestanding pergolas


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